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Gulf Formula GVX 5W-30, 4L

Varastossa Gulf Formula GVX 5W-30, 4L

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Gulf Formula GVX 5W-30
Is the latest low emission synthetic engine oil exclusively developed to meet the requirements of the entire range of passenger cars of Volkswagen running on Ultra low Sulfur fuel. It is formulated from carefully selected synthetic base oils and advanced additive technology meeting mid SAPS (Sulphated ash, Phosphorous & Sulphur) requirements so as to be fully compatible with the most modern Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) and Gasoline Catalytic Converters. It helps in prolonging the life and maintaining the efficiency of after exhaust treatment devices used in the latest generation gasoline and diesel cars. It has been designed to deliver outstanding performance for extended drain intervals.
Features & Benefits
Low Ash content reduces particulate build-up in DPFs and helps in extending the regeneration intervals
Latest mid SAPS additive technology reduces poisoning and degradation of catalyst and prolongs life of after treatment devices
Outstanding thermo-oxidative stability reduces deposits & sludge build-up and facilitates extended oil life
Exceptional low temperature fluidity aids cold start and protects against wear at start-up
Excellent antiwear property protects against engine wear and facilitates extended engine life Applications  Recommended for all the gasoline and diesel powered passenger car engines of Volkswagen including the latest vehicles meeting Euro 4 & 5 emission norms requiring the most advanced VW
504 00/ 507 00 quality oils for long life service
Strongly recommended for latest generation high performance gasoline and diesel engines in passenger cars and vans, equipped with exhaust treatment devices such as particulate filters, catalytic converters, etc requiring ACEA C3, MB 229.51 and BMW Longlife-04 quality oils
NOTE: Not suitable for older versions of the R5 (used in light trucks) and V10 (SUV-Touareg)

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