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Huolto ja kiillotusaineet

Huolto ja kiillotusaineet
Abro AF-190, 103ml 2-5 Päivää

Abro AF-190, 103ml

Abro AF-190Suitable for use on all glass surfaces. Uses: interior front, rear, and side windows of t..

€3.52 Veroton hinta: €2.93

Abro AR-180, 103ml

Abro AR-180A rainwater remover protects windshields from dirt, ice and insects and prevents them fro..

€3.41 Veroton hinta: €2.84

Abro GC-475, 562ml 2-5 Päivää

Abro GC-475, 562ml

Abro GC-475Erittäin tehokas tuulilasinpuhdistusaine aerosolipakkauksessa käytettäväksi sekä kotitalo..

€9.18 Veroton hinta: €7.65

Abro LC-472, 473ml 2-5 Päivää

Abro LC-472, 473ml

Abro LC-472NahanpuhdistusaineSuojaa, palauttaa ja kosteuttaa kaiken tyyppisiä iho- ja vinyylipintoja..

€5.63 Veroton hinta: €4.69

Abro PA-510, 296ml 2-5 Päivää

Abro PA-510, 296ml

Abro PA-510Polisher-spray with UV protectionTo protect skin, plastic, rubber, and artificial leather..

€4.96 Veroton hinta: €4.13

Abro WC-160, 946ml 2-5 Päivää

Abro WC-160, 946ml

Abro WC-160Wheel CleanerVery effective foaming aerosol for cleaning wheels. Quickly dissolves dust, ..

€4.85 Veroton hinta: €4.04

Abro WW-606, 482gr 2-5 Päivää

Abro WW-606, 482gr

Abro WW-606Car anhydrous waxing and cleaning agent. Cleans and wipe lightly dusty and dirty cars. Re..

€4.38 Veroton hinta: €3.65

CRC Inox Kleen FPS, 500ml 2-5 Päivää

CRC Inox Kleen FPS, 500ml

CRC FPS Inox Kleen FPSCRC Inox Kleen is a water based, foaming cleaner for degreasing and clean..

€11.84 Veroton hinta: €9.87

CRC Silicone Extra, 500ml 2-5 Päivää

CRC Silicone Extra, 500ml

CRC Silicone Extra1. GENERAL DESCRIPTION Lubricates, protects, waterproofs and restores. A blend of ..

€12.17 Veroton hinta: €10.14

CRC Silicone Stift, 50ml 2-5 Päivää

CRC Silicone Stift, 50ml

CRC Silicone StiftSilicone Case - Lightweight and comfortable to use. It defines and protects all ru..

€5.12 Veroton hinta: €4.27

CRC Textile Clean Pro, 500ml 2-5 Päivää

CRC Textile Clean Pro, 500ml

CRC Textile Clean ProSpecial instant foaming formula. Removes stains from upholstery, carpets, fabri..

€9.47 Veroton hinta: €7.89

Koch-Chemie Hartwachs BMP, 1L 2-5 Päivää

Koch-Chemie Hartwachs BMP, 1L

Koch-Chemie Hartwachs BMP Hartwachs BMP is the ideal sprayable premium long-term conserver for ..

€13.83 Veroton hinta: €11.52

Koch-Chemie Insect Dirt Remover, 750ml 2-5 Päivää

Koch-Chemie Insect Dirt Remover, 750ml

Koch-Chemie Insect Dirt RemoverInsect & Dirt Remover Removes even the most stubborn debris from ..

€15.08 Veroton hinta: €12.57

Koch-Chemie Plast Star (silicone free), 1L 2-5 Päivää

Koch-Chemie Plast Star (silicone free), 1L

Koch-Chemie Plast Star (silicone free)Premium care for external plastic, silicone-oil-free. Silicone..

€15.84 Veroton hinta: €13.20

Koch-Chemie Protect Leather Care, 500ml 2-5 Päivää

Koch-Chemie Protect Leather Care, 500ml

Koch-Chemie Protect Leather CareLeather interiors require regular maintenance to ensure the leather ..

€17.64 Veroton hinta: €14.70