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Yacco Preventif Diisel, 250ml

2-5 Päivää Yacco Preventif Diisel, 250ml

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Yacco Preventif Diesel
specially designed to prevent the formation of sludge, dirt and carbon deposits in all types of diesel engines (passenger cars, light commercial vehicles), including modern ones equipped with injection systems (common rail, pump injectors, direct injection) and particulate filters. With regular use, Yacco Preventif Diesel cleans and keeps fuel injection pumps, injectors, combustion chambers, turbocharging and exhaust gas recirculation valves clean. This keeps the vehicle at peak efficiency and extends the life of its parts.
• Prevents the formation of deposits in all types of diesel engines equipped with common rail, unit injectors or direct injection
• Compatible with particulate filters
• Lubricates and protects the fuel pump and injectors
• Increases cetane number for easier starting and reduces engine noise
• Helps reduce fuel consumption and also reduces CO2 and pollutant emissions
• Improves water dispersion and prevents water accumulation in the tank
• Helps reduce diesel fuel's tendency to foam
Processing in the car tank:
• 1 bottle of 5 liters is designed for 1000 liters of diesel fuel.
• To ensure that Yacco Preventif Diesel mixes well with the fuel, it is advisable to fill it halfway.
Use regularly for maximum effectiveness.

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