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Motip Anti Condens, 500ml -23% 2-5 Päivää

Motip Anti Condens, 500ml

Motip Anti CondensAnti-Condensate Motip on tarkoitettu tuulilasin ja muiden auton ikkunoiden sisäpuo..

€8.41 €6.50 Veroton: €5.33

Motip Anti-Welding Spray, 500ml 2-5 Päivää

Motip Anti-Welding Spray, 500ml

Motip Anti-Welding SprayBest processing temperature 5 to 35°C. Before use, shake the aerosol. Sp..

€6.47 Veroton: €5.30

Motip Carburettor Cleaner, 500ml 2-5 Päivää

Motip Carburettor Cleaner, 500ml

Motip Carburettor CleanerCleaner for the interior and the exterior of carburettors and valves, wit..

€5.75 Veroton: €4.71

Motip Chrome Polish, 500ml 2-5 Päivää

Motip Chrome Polish, 500ml

Motip Chrome PolishChromium cleaner with protective effect CHROME POLISH is a preparation containing..

€7.14 Veroton: €5.85

Motip Cockpit Spray, 600ml 2-5 Päivää

Motip Cockpit Spray, 600ml

Motip Cockpit Spray Spray with excellent cleansing properties, to clean, protect and embellish the d..

€5.74 Veroton: €4.70

Motip Colour Polish Black, 500ml 2-5 Päivää

Motip Colour Polish Black, 500ml

Motip Color Polish BlackPolishing agent for masking surface scratches on the paint coating. Gives br..

€8.24 Veroton: €6.75

Motip Colour Renovator, 500ml 2-5 Päivää

Motip Colour Renovator, 500ml

Motip Colour RenovatorUser-friendly polish to restore the gloss and the colour of weathered lacquere..

€7.53 Veroton: €6.18

Motip Contact Cleaner, 500ml 2-5 Päivää

Motip Contact Cleaner, 500ml

Motip Contact CleanerSpray with high dissolving properties to clean electrical contacts. Contact cle..

€6.71 Veroton: €5.50

Motip Copper Spray, 500 ml 2-5 Päivää

Motip Copper Spray, 500 ml

Motip Copper SpraySpray with a high copper content to prevent wear and sticking of screwed connectio..

€7.75 Veroton: €6.35

Motip Creamic Grease, 500ml 2-5 Päivää

Motip Creamic Grease, 500ml

Motip Ceramic GreaseMetal free ceramic grease with excellent adhesion, to treat parts which are liab..

€10.01 Veroton: €8.21

Motip De-Icer, 300ml 2-5 Päivää

Motip De-Icer, 300ml

Motip De-IcerThe ideal winter product for your car! The MoTip De-icer quickly removes ice and snow f..

€4.69 Veroton: €3.85

Motip Electro Protect, 400ml 2-5 Päivää

Motip Electro Protect, 400ml

Motip Electro ProtectElectro preservative with good penetrating properties to prevent starting probl..

€5.40 Veroton: €4.43

Motip Engine Cleaner, 500ml 2-5 Päivää

Motip Engine Cleaner, 500ml

Motip Engine CleanerEffective tool to clean engines. Engine cleaner has high dissolving properties a..

€5.34 Veroton: €4.38

Motip Gasket Remover, 500ml 2-5 Päivää

Motip Gasket Remover, 500ml

Motip Gasket RemoverSpray for the fast and easy removal of dried adhesives and seals, as well as har..

€6.70 Veroton: €5.49

Motip Glass Cleaner, 600ml 2-5 Päivää

Motip Glass Cleaner, 600ml

Motip Glass CleanerUser-friendly spray to clean windscreens. Glass cleaner has high dissolving prope..

€5.87 Veroton: €4.81